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How to Use Google Ads Keyword Match Types?

Keyword Match Types are decisive to reach your Search Campaigns goals. 

Every match type has a different usage and with keyword match type, you can tell Google which searches can trigger your ads.

There are three match types on Google Ads:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Exact Match

Every match type has a different usage and advantages and disadvantages.

Google Ads Keyword Match Types

Broad Match

With Broad match your ads show in search results that relate to your keyword even don’t contain the exact terms. This is the default keyword match type on Google Ads and work best smart bidding like Target ROAS.

If your keyword is “red shoes”, your ad could show up for red sneakers and shoes for men and also show up for irrelative searches like “basketball shoes” and “red sneakers”.

When using broad match you have to be careful of irrelative search terms. Before starting using this match type you have to prepare a negative keywords list to save your ad to irrelative search terms.

Phrase Match

Phrase match keyword trigger search terms that include the same meaning as your keyword. Your ads take impressions to search terms that are closely related to your keyword.

Different terms can appear at the beginning or end of this phrase. Like if your keyword is “sneaker”, your ads will be displayed when someone searches for “white sneaker”.

Exact Match

Exact match type gives you most control of your keywords. Your ads will display when someone searches exactly your keyword or which searches mean the same thing as your keywords.

If your keyword is “running shoes”, your ads will be displayed when someone searches for “shoes for running”.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are used to exclude unrelated search queries. This is so important for optimizing your search ad campaigns. 

Before you create search ads, you have to research possible unrelated queries which can trigger your keywords and add these to your campaign’s negative keywords.

Once your campaign starts getting impressions, you can analyze search terms and find the related terms and add to negative keywords.

How to Use Keyword Match Types

Before selecting your keyword match type, you have to decide the goal of your campaign.

If you want to increase search volume, the broad match with smart bidding will be the best choice for your goal.

If you want to increase your traffic but don’t want to give up control of your campaign, you can use the phrase match.

When you make sure of taking all of the control, go on with the exact match.

Whichever you use, do not forget to use negative keywords to optimize and increase your search campaign’s performance.


If you have a keywords list and you want to use more than one match type, you can use the keywords toaster to take a list of your keywords with match types which you choose.

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